DOT Physical Examination


During your DOT Physical, you will go through different type of physical tests that include: Vision and hearing tests, Blood test, to check for high blood pressure or other medical conditions, Urinalysis, as part of drug and alcohol testing.  One directive that drivers must continuously stay on top of is their physical health certification by the Department of Transportation. Keeping up with your original and periodic certifications is an absolute must for staffs in many businesses, and commercial drivers are no exclusion.


Why you should choose Mega health?

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Mega Health Service provides full-service Drug Free Office programs to small, medium and large corporations, and drug testing facilities to persons as needed. With over 20 years of information, the staff at ADT is expert and trained in all Drug, Alcohol, and DNA testing procedures including DOT controlled businesses.

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DOT Physical Exams

The purpose of implementation a DOT physical exam is to ensure that a profitable driver does not have any medical circumstances or past circumstances. Have they undergone operation that could make them a likely threat to community safety? These exams consist of a series of tests and screenings intended to control whether drivers are accomplished – both physically and mentally – of conveying materials over long distances. Medical inspectors also look at the separate driver’s health history and present medications – both treatment and over the pawn – that might deem them out of shape for such wide work.

Why do you need to attend the exams?

  • Full bladder for urine testing
  • State photo ID
  • Current, or expired medical card for re-certification
  • Waivers or exemptions for any medical reasons
  • Visual aids (glasses or contacts)
  • Hearing aid (if needed)
  • Healthcare leaflets, counting medical events and medications in the last 5 years
  • Medical announcements or certification for illnesses, conditions, and/or injuries you have been treated for
  • For CPAP users, bring a log of use for 1-year and provide date of last medical inspection for its use.