Mega Walk-in Clinic


Mega Walk-in Clinic is dedicated to provide community-based, high quality, Walk-in Medical Care. Each Mega Walk-in Clinic staff member is committed to providing every patient and their family compassionate care and service.



Mega Walk-in Clinic makes a commitment to each patient to ensure patient focused service in every aspect of care. Every aspect of service from answering telephones to providing care has been devised to enhance each patient's visit to our clinic. Our commitment adds value to not only each patient, but also to the surrounding communities we serve. We strive to be make a positive impact in each and every community we serve.



Our Courtesy Every patient and family member is treated with respect and compassion at Mega Walk-in Clinic.  Our Accuracy All information given to the patient and/or family member is done in a reliable, professional, honest and understandable manner.  Our Responsibility Each staff member takes responsibility for the resolution of each patient's concerns.  Our Efficiency Each staff member is dedicated to providing timely, cost effective, and high-quality service to both the patients and their fellow staff.  Our Safety All services will be delivered in a clean and safe clinic environment.