New concussion protocol for kids: Get them back to school sooner - The Washington Post

Treatment for concussions in kids has changed in the past 10 years. A new study confirms the recent move away from prolonged days out of school.

Published At: 2023-02-01T18:00:00Z

Elizabeth Chang

How to Get Bella Hadid's Face: Fillers & Buccal Fat Removal? - The Cut

People are searching for a more angular face now, doctors say. Where once customers were asking for pillowy faces full of filler, now they’re asking for hollowed-out cheeks and pointy cheekbones.

Published At: 2023-02-01T17:00:32Z

Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz

Ultra-processed foods may increase ovarian, other cancer risks, study says - The Washington Post

Scientists say the consumption of ultra-processed foods such as pizza, bread and fizzy drinks is linked to a greater risk of cancer — particularly ovarian cancer.

Published At: 2023-02-01T16:38:54Z

Adela Suliman

Valley fever, the deadly fungal infection spreading across the US 'because of climate change' - Daily Mail

Cases of 'Valley Fever' - which is 10 times more deadly than flu- have risen 20-fold since the turn of the century.

Published At: 2023-02-01T16:38:28Z

Caitlin Tilley

Taking sleeping pills increases risk of dementia -- especially if you're White - Study Finds

Various sleeping medications, including Benzos, Ambien, and antidepressants, can increase the risk of developing dementia -- particularly among white people.

Published At: 2023-02-01T16:25:19Z

John Anderer

Single-cell spatial immune landscapes of primary and metastatic brain tumours -

Imaging mass cytometry of human brain tumours provides spatial information that, combined with existing transcriptomic data, reveals the existence of a cellular neighbourhood containing a rare macrophage population associated with prolonged survival.

Published At: 2023-02-01T16:16:15Z

Coffee's energy boost ALWAYS 'needs to be repaid with sleep' - Daily Mail

Dr Emma Beckett, a molecular nutritionist from the University of Newcastle, said that caffeine staves off drowsiness by temporarily blocking a chemical called adenosine.

Published At: 2023-02-01T15:29:01Z

Xantha Leatham

‘The Last of Us’ Come Alive: Fungi Are Adapting to Warmer Temperatures - The Wall Street Journal

Some fungi such as the type that causes Valley Fever might be adapting to endure more heat stress

Published At: 2023-02-01T15:08:00Z

Dominique Mosbergen

Ezricare Artificial Tears linked to possible infections and a death, CDC says - CBS News

Disease researchers are probing infections in dozens of patients in 11 states and one death linked to the use of artificial tears brand.

Published At: 2023-02-01T12:56:00Z

Weight loss: What it's like to have bariatric surgery as a teen. - Slate

I worry for the kids getting bariatric surgeries.

Published At: 2023-02-01T10:40:00Z

Amy Scheiner

The next generation of coronavirus vaccines: a graphical guide -

New technologies might provide more potent or broader immunity — but will have to fight for market share.

Published At: 2023-02-01T10:12:33Z

Healthy Males Have High Sex Drives — But Today's Men Don't - The Federalist

Doctors today don't even necessarily know that the patients they're seeing are testosterone deficient.

Published At: 2023-02-01T08:06:32Z

Tristan Justice

Diabetes Diet: Best And Worst Foods For Blood Sugar Level - NDTV Food

Diabetes Diet: Eating habits are one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Here are the best and worst foods for diabetes that you should know about.

Published At: 2023-02-01T07:47:01Z

High-Fat Diets May Break The Brain's Ability to Regulate Calories - ScienceAlert

There are plenty of reasons to limit the amount of fat in your diet, and a new study suggests there's another entry to add to the list: high-fat diets could be messing with your brain's ability to regulate your calorie intake.

Published At: 2023-02-01T06:10:33Z

David Nield

Ultra-Processed Food May Exacerbate Cognitive Decline, New Studies Show - ScienceAlert

Scientists have known for years that unhealthy diets – particularly those that are high in fat and sugar – may cause detrimental changes to the brain and lead to cognitive impairment.

Published At: 2023-02-01T01:08:07Z

The Conversation

Brief exposure to this auto exhaust can impair brain function: study - New York Post

Inhalation of poor-quality air posed a “detrimental” impact compared to filtered air, according to researchers.

Published At: 2023-02-01T01:06:00Z

Brooke Kato

Parents report sickness after mass-vomiting incident at elementary school - KLAS - 8 News Now

It’s been nearly four days since a gastrointestinal illness (GI) outbreak infected an estimated 130 elementary students in the southwest valley. Parents say they still are mostly in the dark about what happened, and some of them are reporting symptoms too.

Published At: 2023-02-01T01:00:51Z

Ryan Matthey

Infants Exposed to Excessive Screen Time Show Differences in Brain Function Beyond Eight Years of Age - Neuroscience News

Greater exposure to screen time during infancy was linked to poor self-regulation and brain immaturity at age eight.

Published At: 2023-02-01T00:48:28Z

Neuroscience News

Type 2 diabetics struggle to find Ozempic as it soars in demand for weight loss - WBIR Channel 10

People nationwide are struggling to find needed medication to help them treat type two diabetes because it has gained popularity as a weight-loss drug.More s...

Published At: 2023-02-01T00:14:27Z

What Are The Current Symptoms of Covid? - Men's Health

But you still need a test to know for sure.

Published At: 2023-01-31T23:07:46Z

Emilia Benton