Occupational Health

We offer a full range of occupational medicine services including injury care, physicals, drug screening, breath alcohol testing, blood tests, vaccinations and much more. Contact us today at (703) 738-9994 to discuss how Mega Health Services can serve your occupational health needs.

Your employees can’t work if they’re not well, which is why Mega Health offers comprehensive occupational medicine services that include the prevention and management of occupational injury, illness, and disability, and the promotion of healthy, productive workers. For employers that require pre-employment, ongoing, or post-injury return-to-work testing and evaluations, our trained staff are available to conduct thorough examinations and provide prompt assessments at our conveniently located clinics in Manassas. With clinic opens five a week and online appointment scheduling available, we make it easy for your employees or prospective hires to make an appointment quickly that fits their schedule.

Our Services Include:

Employer-Based Testing

Our employer-based occupational medicine services ensure you hire qualified and capable job candidates who can safely perform necessary job functions. Our full range employer-based testing services include:

  •  Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals    See More
  •  OSHA Respiratory Evaluation and Spirometry (PFT)    See More
  •  Drug and Alcohol Screenings    See More
  •  Pre-Employment Physicals    See More
  •  Hearing Tests and Exams    See More
  •  Tuberculosis (TB) Testing    See More

Injury Response and Treatment

If an on-site injury occurs, you want your employees to return to work as quickly and as safely as possible so that you minimize lost productivity and the chance of a reinjury. We will thoroughly evaluate and treat injured employees to ensure they return only when fully capable and well. Our occupational injury response and treatment services include:

  •  Workers Compensation Evaluation and Follow-up    See More
  •  Breath Alcohol Testing    See More
  •  X-Rays    See More

Wellness and Prevention

Employers that care for their employees keep their employees. We’ll make it easy for your staff to obtain the routine, preventive screenings, and testing services they need to ensure they are leading healthy lifestyles and minimizing risk factors. Our employee wellness and prevention services include:

  •  Lab Testing    See More
  •  Immunizations and Vaccinations    See More
  •  Urinalysis   
  •  Vision Testing   

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