Treatment for diseases has come a long way, but the best tool we have to fight serious health problems is to prevent them entirely. Vaccinations, also called immunizations, protect us from various forms of disease and infection. We have vaccinations for many diseases that are infectious and used to pose a serious threat of outbreak to the population, particularly children. Mortality rates worldwide have gone down significantly thanks to the widespread availability of vaccinations.

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How do Vaccinations Work?

Vaccinations work by taking advantage of the body’s immune system memory. When you receive a vaccine, you are being injected with a small, weakened strain of the disease you are protecting yourself from. When the body detects these invaders, it creates antibodies that learn how the virus functions and the most effective means of destroying it. Once your body knows how to kill a disease, it remembers it forever. If you are ever infected with a stronger version of the disease, your body will be able to take care of it before it becomes a serious problem.

Vaccinations exist for many disease. Some of the most common vaccinations include:

Children are at an increased risk of catching these diseases until the age of six, which is why it is strongly recommended parents vaccinate their children early.

*Vaccination availability is subject to location and we recommend calling ahead to inquire on specific needs or requirements.